As the market for non-fungible tokens (NFT) continues to grow, many gaming companies are creating virtual worlds in the meta-version where the same NFT can be traded in a whole new scenario.

This new concept entered the world of virtual games, and projects began to emerge to test the concept. The Metaverse and NFT markets seem to be very popular.

Project Nebula, a massive multiplayer sci-fi online game (MMO), brings the 4X strategy genre to blockchain gaming. Players use a variety of NFT resources (spaceships, planets and more) to consolidate their interstellar empire and dominate a new galaxy.

Into a new galaxy
The Nebula project is currently on pre-sale and launched in July 2021. Since then, all NFT projects have been quickly sold out, and hundreds of players interact and compete with each other every day in the New Galaxy to discover new NFT worlds. , goods and even ships.

Project Nebula will soon launch a new fleet of NFT (from Terran Colonial Union) spaceships and prepare a new wave of explorers. Half of this new fleet will be available through pre-sale on November 30, 2021. The other half can be acquired in the game by completing various missions in the game.

Although much has been done, Project Nebula is still in its early stages. Joining early can be beneficial as interest continues to grow.

The NFT market in the game is an active hub with a trading volume of around $ 2 million in just a few months after the game’s launch.

spaceship reward
The platform offers many useful aspects of the game to make money. In addition to discovering and capturing NFT planets in the game, players can also receive great rewards for discovering mythical planets and higher rarity levels. Players can put it up for auction and receive 25% of the revenue. The highest discovery price to date has been over $ 2,000, and the project was launched just three months ago.

A zone control competition is currently underway, with players competing to acquire land-based NFTs in the first areas of the galaxy. This will allow them to distribute many more DIY buildings in the game soon when a craft expansion comes out early next year.

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conquer plans
In 2021, two new game mechanics will be available, as well as a new fleet of NFT spacecraft:

Missions: This year, players will complete quests spread across a new galaxy in Project Nebula.

Terran Faction, as well as its new fleet of ships, will have its own story, and many players will find the valuable NFT spaceship a reward for completing it.

Interacting with various map objects will give players the opportunity to start other missions, and offer NFT consumables, drawings and more to help them.

Starmapping: A new mechanism that allows players to turn their research into revenue by converting their examined cards into NFTs that can be traded / traded with other players.

NFT Crafting: Project Nebula will launch the NFT Crafting expansion early next year: hundreds of new NFTs, a sophisticated craft system and a massive player-driven game economy that will allow many new and engaging mechanics, as well as more win-win game options for all players.

Following the Crafting expansion, the Project Nebula team will focus on completing the PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) expansions, taking the interstellar conflicts in the project to a whole new level as players form guilds and alliances fighting for resources . and dominion.

About 25% of NFT GEN-1 is still undiscovered, as is the last remaining mythical planet, GEN-1 (only two of them have ever been coined). According to the founders, Project Nebula is not just another set of NFTs. “This is a world full of rich and exciting opportunities for players and collectors.”

Source: CoinTelegraph