The Chinese city of Suzhou will be the second to release the red envelope sample for the upcoming digital yuan, according to local media, The Paper.

After a successful pilot scheme launched in Shenzhen last month, insiders reported that the Suzhou district of Xiangcheng will host a prize draw for the Double 12 trade event in the country on December 12th.

It is reported that several companies in the region have already installed QR codes for short range communications pending trial.

In the previous court case in Shenzhen, 10 million digital RMB was distributed to 50,000 red envelope lottery winners.

Within two weeks of distributing the envelopes, 95% of the winners used their digital prize of RMB 200, and some participants purchased more, according to Cointelegraph reports.

However, participants in the Shenzhen scheme were unable to use the touch and internet-connected function of digital wallets known as panda wallets.

The Suzhou app includes this feature, allowing users to transfer money by touching mobile devices even when none of them is connected to the network.

Double 12 is a shopping festival hosted by e-commerce giant Alibaba a month after its highly publicized Singles’ Day event. It pays a lot of attention for offline use and smaller brands.

There is now also a closed beta version of Digital Yuan in Chengdu, and it is said that the 2022 Winter Olympics will also participate in a closed beta scheme.

Source: CoinTelegraph