After the stormy ups and downs of 2020, when Sushiswap became the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) in terms of liquidity at two different points, the decentralized financing platform (DeFi) released a very ambitious project map for 2021.

Significant upcoming developments include several examples of some of the more advanced and advanced features of the DeFi Chamber, including the DEX cross-chain to be included in Rune and Moonbeam, implementation on the Polkadot chain and a fully decentralized management structure in late 2021.

The post also includes updates on previously announced projects, including the launch of version 2 called Mirin and the launch date of BentoBox, a future loan product, in mid-January.

There were also hints of an upcoming rebrand. Given the variety and number of products currently offered and under development, “Sushiswap will move into new territory in 2021 to better reflect that we are no longer an AMM.”

One development that particularly impressed observers includes the proposed integration with ArcherDAO. Archer works with Ethereum miners to produce more efficient blocks, and the integration will reduce advanced miner work, also known as Miner Derived Value (MEV).

Other mergers include upcoming support for the stacked coins the FRAX and DSD algorithm, in addition to BAO.

Finally, the blog post updated its expansion plans, stating that Sushiswap will “move in conjunction with the Big Yearn ecosystem”, and lack of knowledge development is likely the preferred solution.

Here is a long list of goals for a project that is barely six months old. In an interview with Cointelegraph earlier this week, a contributor to Sushiswap 0xMaki spoke about his insights into the ever-growing Sushiswap community.

“I will continue to encourage people to improve the performance of their assets. Get them to join the DAO. Reward more developers so they can create what they love. Introduce more people to DeFi and the new economic fundamentals. Offer new apps on the Sushi website. In 2021, everyone will be.” winners “.
At time of publication, $ Sushi rose 10% on the day to $ 4.64.

Source: CoinTelegraph