Super Bowl ads have always been an integral part of the National Football League Championship (NFL), and it’s a good sign for companies to make it into the real world. However, this year marked a new milestone for the crypto community as FTX, eToro, and Coinbase launched crypto ads for the first time during the 2022 Super Bowl.

With the growing demand for cryptocurrencies, which has recently been driven by non-fungible tokens, meme tokens, and metaverses, crypto Super Bowl ads have attracted the attention of traditional companies on social media platforms such as Twitter. Let’s measure advertising and echo the sentiment expressed by the community.

Coinbase Super Bowl 2022 Promotional Video
Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the US and is often ranked at the top of the list of most downloaded apps in the Apple App Store. Coinbase appears to be part of the company’s ongoing campaign of “Less Talks, More Bitcoin”.

The Coinbase Super Bowl commercial began with a Coinbase-style C tag that rotates around the screen in much the same way as the bounce DVD logo.

Shortly thereafter, the character was replaced by a color-changing QR code that was similarly invisibly transmitted across the screen. The QR code redirected users to the Coinbase landing page that announced the Bitcoin (BTC) giveaway and crawl registration campaign.

Unlike traditional high-profile Super Bowl commercials, Coinbase’s services were temporarily down due to the sudden influx of heavy traffic to the site. The following message in the Coinbase app confirms the outage:

“Well, it’s been more common than we thought. We need a little leeway, but don’t worry. We’ll send you an email when everything is back to normal.”

FTX Super Bowl 2022 Trailer Video
FTX, the crypto exchange founded by Sam Bankman-Freed, spared no expense in its first “Don’t Miss” Super Bowl commercial featuring comedian Larry David.

The video shows David rejecting life-changing technologies just as they were invented. David has been portrayed as an authority figure in many historical timelines and is seen as rejecting the invention of the wheel, electricity, and the toilet.

The comedian also opposes the US Declaration of Independence. He’s skeptical about moon landings and portable music. Finally, when David dismissed the FTX app and said, “I don’t think so,” viewers loved the ad:

“Don’t be like Larry. Don’t miss the next big event.”

Overall, many found the FTX ad to be the funniest Super Bowl ad ever.

eToro Super Bowl 2022 Promotional Video
The announcement of eToro’s Super Bowl “Flying Your Way” for crypto and fiat investment platform started with a user asking for advice from the eToro community on investing in cryptocurrencies or stocks.

Soon, the ad shows a large group of users walking around the city, one of them approaches the user and asks “To the moon?”

As a tribute to the popular Shiba Inu Memorial Coin (SHIB), a Shiba Inu dog was also featured in an eToro ad. In addition, the platform also issued an unofficial Super Bowl bingo card for the first half time to guess performance incidents such as locker room fouls and fireworks.

While eToro deserves an “A” for its effort, this announcement is only part of the hype other players have generated. Super Bowl 2022 Announcement
In the first Super Bowl ad, featured basketball legend LeBron James talking to a 2003 version of himself. While young LeBron was excited to hear about a future filled with electric cars and other technological advancements, the real LeBron asked if he was ready for what was to come:

“I can’t tell you everything, but if you want to make history, you have to take your chances.”

Source: CoinTelegraph