The Bitcoin price appears to have fallen below $ 60,000 after reaching a full-time high in early March. PlanB, an avid Twitter cryptanalyst, believes Bitcoin (BTC) still has a lot to go.

“IMO, we are only ~ 4 months in a beef market and have not come to an end yet,” PlanB wrote on Friday. “Bitcoin is just getting started,” he added, showing the current trajectory of Bitcoin in one of the charts from stock to power. There are several stock-to-power Bitcoin models that show the path to Bitcoin’s price in line with halving and replenishing events over time.

YouTube derivatives trader Ton Weiss also has an optimistic macroeconomic perspective, although he believes that Bitcoin may be in decline.

“Bitcoin is consolidating, but I’m still optimistic about this market,” Weiss told Cointelegraph. He added: “While Bitcoin may still hit a one-month low in the $ 48,000 range, I think we will rise to over $ 70,000 by June.”

After trading over $ 61,000 this month, Bitcoin has returned to the $ 50,000 mark. Most of the fall happened in about two weeks, with a bit of a mix of recoil and recoil instead of a direct release of $ 10,000 throughout the day. BTC held $ 54550 at the time of publication, representing a day of general bullish price movement, according to TradingView data.

Meanwhile, other cryptocurrencies are also continuing to make headlines in the price bracket.

Source: CoinTelegraph