Dapper Labs continues to expand partnerships with third parties for the Flow blockchain, as Animoca Labs will launch two Flow crypto games.

On September 22, Animoca Brands announced that MotoGP and Star Girl games would launch on the Flow blockchain early next year. Animoka is an investor in Dapper Labs.

The Star Girl series consists of several free Animoca-owned mobile games and requires a monthly user base of 1 million players. Mick Naim, Dapper Labs’ Chief Commercial Officer, praised Flow’s Animoca titles and said:

“We share a common vision and approach to the collective adoption of decentralized games in an inclusive manner. With this partnership, we are one step closer to making it a reality.”
The Flow blockchain is the dark horse in blockchain expansion solutions to secure market share before the much-anticipated Ethereum (ETH) ETH 2.0 upgrade is completed.

Dapper decided that it would continue developing a scalable blockchain three years ago after the popularity of the groundbreaking CryptoKitties game with non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs) crippled the Ethereum network.

Until recently, Flow exclusively supported Dapper Labs projects such as NBA Top Shot, as well as branded crypto acquisitions in partnership with major entertainment brands including Warner Music and Ubisoft.

But over the last week or so, Dapper signed a contract with Circle and Binance to add USDC and BUSD stack coins to the Flow blockchain, indicating that Dapper is ready to expand his ecosystem.

Dapper Labs launched two FLOW token sales. Residents outside of the United States and Canada will be able to participate in both offers through the CoinList platform.

Dapper Labs will reserve a $ 1,000 inflow token bonus of 10 cents per member for all eligible members for the public sale, which opens until October 10.

Investors hoping to purchase in excess of $ 1,000 FLOW must participate in a Dutch auction where bids are accepted in ascending order of price.

Bidding for the FLOW auction can begin on September 23 and sales will begin on October 6. Dapper set the initial offer price at $ 1 and the reserve price at $ 0.1.

Participants in the joint sale will receive 50% of the tokens after a year, and the remaining coins will be distributed over the next 12 months. Tokens purchased at a Dutch auction are fully opened after a 12-month close.

Source: CoinTelegraph