Square, a US finance company led by Twitter Jack Dorsey, is forming a consortium to combat phishing and open access to technology in the crypto sector.

The Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance, or COPA, seeks to democratize access to innovative technologies in the crypto sector, emphasizing that “open access to patents covering key cryptocurrency technologies is important for society to grow, innovate freely and create new and best products” .

Alliance members agree to merge cryptocurrency and blockchain patents in the COPA library, and provide open access to technology developed by participating companies. The Alliance’s website states:

Cryptocurrency technology and its adoption are still in their early stages. We believe that the success of cryptocurrency depends on bringing society together to create and develop modern technologies for innovation, which is impossible when the parties link the underlying technology in patents and lawsuits. ”
The Alliance hopes to “change the way patents are presented and used in the cryptocurrency world”, focusing on the ability to use patents to spur innovation in the sector instead of hindering the development of industry.

As of April 17, Alibaba Group has acquired the largest number of blockchain patents of 2,344. The company filed 470 patents in 2019, while Tencent, which aims to accelerate patent accumulation, filed 718 patents the same year.

Craig White, the controversial self-proclaimed Satoshi, is often accused of being a patent role for his and nChain’s efforts to protect hundreds of blockchain patents.

Of the more than 5,800 patent applications filed in the past year, only 3% were granted.

A similar effort has been made to create a “collective shield” against “patent infringers” in the music industry, with programmers and musicians Damien Reel and Noah Rubin developing software to create almost every possible ringtone to challenge the controversial music search industry earlier this year. .

In March, Katy Perry reversed a decision related to a lawsuit by Christian rapper Flame, who asked Perry $ 2.8 million to use the 8-bit band in Dark Horse, which Flame claims was stolen from his song. Annoyed “”. Interesting. ”

In 1993, Fantasy Records owner and former Creedence Clearwater Revival vocalist sued him for allegedly tearing up a song he wrote 23 years ago, now owned by the record label.

Source: CoinTelegraph