New Decentralized Imagination Exchange enables users to trade partial NFTs with real impact values ​​- DeFi games and bring them to the burgeoning non-exchangeable tokens market.

TradeStars is a fictional trading action game powered by Ethereum and Matic Layer 2 blockchains. The company is coding the real performance stats of some of the world’s most famous athletes with a unique implementation of fractional NFTs – a noticeable change from other platforms focused on creating collectibles for the players themselves.

Fragmented NFT markets can be compared to liquidity pools of traditional decentralized exchanges. Supply is pushed for each market through a binding curve (automatic marketing creation algorithm) that determines price based on supply and demand, and the rewards in the form of TSX (main platform management code) are based on stats that follow the true level of the performer. Life Benefits.

Using their mathematical knowledge and relying on their favorite real stats, fans can speculate in the short or long term and compete against each other in a unique social experience of the trading platform.

The platform has started to support cricket and is expected to add the NFT football and esports markets soon.

Blockchain technology is moving forward
One of the company’s top priorities is to offer an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows everyone – not just the crypto community – to use the platform.

To accomplish this mission, TradeStars eliminated the need for users to have an external wallet to use the platform, and the transactions made on it are almost instantaneous and without gas.

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Scalability is achieved with Matic Layer 2, which provides higher throughput levels than the Ethereum blockchain can currently offer. New users can also deposit in a variety of cryptocurrencies, including any ERC-20 token, and Fiat is also available on the ramp.

To attract the attention of sports fans around the world, TradeStars is available in eight languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Arabic. Players just need a browser to start playing, with Chrome, Safari and Edge supported.

Industry is booming
Figures cited by TradeStars show that the NFT market reached more than $ 2 million in sales each week in October, with an estimated compound annual growth rate of nearly 50% by 2020. Christian Henschel, the platform’s founder and chief technology officer, wrote in a blog post newly . : “NFT is being portrayed as the future of the arts and collectibles industry, the gaming industry, and in some cases even the real estate sector.”

TradeStars says not only is it helping this new asset class reach its full potential, but it is also committed to capitalizing on the burgeoning sports betting industry, with global revenue of $ 85 billion in 2019. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the relationship among many gaming fans. . They love – and with most of the live sporting events taking place now behind closed doors, fans are looking for new sources of interaction.

“TradeStars provides a unique opportunity to bring billions of sports fans around the world to the blockchain and NFT, creating a thriving and thriving ecosystem for trading spectacular stocks,” Hinchel added.

TradeStars was launched in January 2020 and now has over 45,000 users. By the third quarter of 2021, it has an ambitious target of reaching 1 million users.

Source: CoinTelegraph