The project, which sees itself as the first interoperable decentralized money market, announced that it will participate in the Polkadot Sub0 conference on 15 October.

Equilibrium says it is committed to unleashing the enormous potential of the DeFi industry by providing services to users of large crypto assets – people who were still in quarantine.

The blockchain for the project was built using the Polkadot blockchain building framework developed by Parity Technologies, and Equilibrium plans to expand its DeFi product line to offer a “comprehensive multi-chain money market.”

During the Polkadot event, Petr Sergeev, Senior Analyst at Equilibrium, will give a talk entitled “Unlocking the Huge Potential of DeFi Market Using Polkadot Technology”.

The conference will also present the details of Polkadot’s substrate technology and show how high-profile projects such as equilibrium are implemented.

“The beauty of the pillar is that it is a user-friendly framework that allows blockchain developers to create new decentralized solutions faster and more efficiently than ever before. Among Bulcadot’s key strengths – compatibility and scalability – from our perspective on equilibrium, these are two important aspects of enabling DeFi. ”

DeFi: Next step
According to Sergiev, interconnection between value and responsibility is the next logical step in the development of the decentralized financial sector.

In his conversation, he plans to provide an overview of why Equilibrium decided to use Polkadot and show how the developers of the project have contributed to Substrate technology through unique solutions, such as sending multiple transactions in one block. Sergeev will also discuss how ETH / EOS migration can be handled and how Substrate allows Equilibrium to allocate and calculate asset portfolios to individual users in terms of risk assessment.

Last but not least, Sergeev intends to define the balance and goals of his test network.

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Big changes
Equilibrium became known as an EOS-based DeFi project before it started plans to develop a new interoperable platform on the Polkadot blockchain, according to a Cointelegraph post published in August. With this move, the team plans to expand the product portfolio and intends to pave the way for general lending to any asset.

At the time, project manager Alex Milikov said in an interview that Polkadot was chosen because his team is “committed to removing the technical limitations that continue to limit DeFi development on Ethereum.” He also praised the high degree of decentralization of this network compared to some of the alternatives.

Equilibrium entered the test network phase as a stand-alone blockchain in September, and when Polkadot completes its retail and parachute offering, the project will be integrated into the broader ecosystem.

The Pillar Developer Community Conference will run online from 12:00 to 19:00 CST on October 15 and will bring together blockchain developers and students from around the world. This event aims to meet the needs of both newcomers to this technology who want to unleash its capabilities and current pillar builders who want to expand their existing knowledge.

Speakers include Polkadot founder Gavin Wood and Fredrik Harrisson, Parity’s CTO. Before development lawyer Dan Forbes dives into node anatomy, participants will have a comprehensive explanation of what Substrate is. This will be followed by a thorough look at the parachute, the substrate ecosystem and the fulfillment of blockchain promises in the business world. Sergeev is scheduled to perform at 3:55 p.m. CEST.

Source: CoinTelegraph