American Meat Snack Slim Jim is the latest grocery brand to enter the cryptocurrency space by marketing the cryptocurrency focused on the cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

In a tweet today, Slim Jim announced that he is launching his non-replaceable symbol, or NFT, where Dogecoin (DOGE) Shiba Inu appears on the moon’s face under a rocket ship with the body of a piece of meat. NFT’s proposal comes on the heels of a wave of tweets since February – much of it that could make Elon Musk jealous – when Slim Jim posted memes, messages, rocket ships and hashtags associated with cryptocurrencies in support of DOGE ahead of Doges Day. More than 96,200 subscribers.

At the time of publication, the highest bid for NFT Slim Jim currently available on the OpenSea online marketplace is 0.06 Ether (ETH), or approximately 136. Four cryptocurrency users have bid for a “special edition rocket ship” auction. ends Saturday. Slim Jim said he would donate 100% of NFT’s net income, plus another $ 10,000 to the world – class non-profit organization.

“Since we launched our Twitter-focused DOGE business in February, we’d nearly quadrupled our Twitter community (from 22,000 to almost 100,000),” a Slim Jim spokesman told Banzinga News Agency. “We have attracted a new but young audience on Twitter by building on that and on the Doges community.”

The Twitter accounts of the largest candy and snack brands have been particularly active with the recent increase in Dogecoin prices. However, some suggest that Slim Jim, like others, may not be as optimistic about the symbol as the date that marks Doge’s Day. April 20 in the United States is known as the day when marijuana lovers celebrate their love for the sweet plant by smoking it and eating junk food (let’s be honest).

While 420 celebrity entertainment events have benefited these brands over the years, Doges Day seems to have given them a great opportunity to celebrate this still controversial celebration, while maintaining a sense of why they did it.

In addition to Slim Jim, it markets two major Mars brands – Snickers and the Milky Way – DOGE on social media. The chocolate bars contained messages urging that the price of the symbol not be directed to the “moon”, but to the “Milky Way”, and even included a Phantom Dogecoin, a symbol and a rocket on the Snickers cover.

Although the hashtag “DogeDay” is trending today, the token price has fallen by more than 11% in the last 24 hours, to $ 0.34 at the time of publication. Many Dogecoin supporters rejoice that the token price eventually reached $ 1, possibly due to social media and DOGE purchases.

Source: CoinTelegraph