SingularityNET, the AI ​​company behind Sophia, is “seriously” discussing the transition from Ethereum to Cardano following the announcement of a partnership with IOHK.

IOHK is run by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson and leads the development of the blockchain platform.

SingularityNET is an integrated AI platform that enables anyone to create, publish and monetize AI services of all sizes. The potential move to Ethereum is driven by fears of speed and cost, which have recently been hit hard by demand from DeFi platforms as the cost of petrol rose to $ 17 per transaction. The team is also in doubt about the viability of Ethereum 2, which has been under development in recent years, but which is still far from a practical solution.

“Current challenges with the speed and cost of the Ethereum blockchain have increased the speed of exploring alternatives that support the SingularityNET blockchain,” said Dr. Ben Görzel, CEO and founder of SingularityNET. He said the partnership will help drive Caradano’s development and expand SingularityNET-based services:

“SingularityNET’s transition to modern blockchain chains such as Cardano is an obvious way to achieve scalability and speed, and the completion of the fiat portal for cryptocurrency will eliminate end – users’ requirements for SingularityNET – based services to operate cryptocurrency infrastructure.”
If SingularityNET fulfills this plan, it will switch its own AGI token from ERC20 to Cardano and drop the programming language Solidity in favor of Plutus to create smart contracts. Dr. Hertzel sharply criticized the shortcomings of Solidity and said:

“Like Turing-Complete without simple customized mechanisms for creating domain-specific languages ​​(DSLs), Solidity poses serious challenges to formal validation and analysis methods that are critical to Internet security today.”
Dr.Getzel believes the future is multi-chain, so the chances are high that the team will not completely deviate from Ethereum. In an interview with IOHK’s Charles Hoskinson, he said that society and the market must decide:

He said: “If the gimbal works much better … then everything should go there.” “If the Ethereum part turns out to be more useful for any purpose, the Cardano part is useful for some purpose, right?”

SingularityNET has a big vision for the future with an important aspect called General Artificial Intelligence (AGI) – a hypothetical machine intelligence that is able to understand or learn any intellectual task that a human can perform.

The network aims to create an ecosystem where different AI systems can collaborate and outsource other AI systems. For Dr. Goetzel, the diversification and decentralization of AI is very important because most AI projects are owned by large technology companies. He hopes Cardano will speed up this process:

Cardano’s fully formal functional programming framework can provide a rich and flexible framework for implementing advanced aspects of SingularityNET design, but just as importantly, they promise to provide a secure and reliable framework for both basic and advanced network operations. … ”
SingularityNET claims to be the first platform that allows different artificial intelligence systems to interact with each other and exchange data, connect developers and users. The company behind the most complex and expressive robot to date, Sophia, has also applied for citizenship for the robot with the Maltese government.

Source: CoinTelegraph