Shiba Inu (SHIB) based on Dogecoin ERC-20 received a 20% rebound in two hours when Tesla founder and standard boss Doge Elon Musk announced on Twitter that it does not have Shiba Inu tokens.

The return came after SHIB shares broke through an all-time high and reached a local high of $ 0.000044 on October 24, having gained more than 500% since the beginning of October.

In the midst of the bullish price movement of the coin, Twitter user ShibaInuHodler asked Musk how much shiba he had, and Musk replied, “Nothing.”

While SHIB sellers have already stepped in to lock in profits at historic local token highs, SHIB will quickly lose another 10% to trade at $ 0.000035 within about half an hour of Musk’s response. Since then, the SHIB exchange rate has fluctuated between $ 0.000035 and $ 0.00004.

Reactions to Musk’s comments from SHIB investors varied: Shiba Inu Hodler suggested that Musk invest in some Shiba Inu tokens.

Others criticized ShibaInuHodler for her interactions with Musk, and Shibalascan urged them to “stop harassing celebrities when society is okay, nothing like that.”

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The dog drama began when Musk returned to Twitter to appreciate the benefits of Dogecoin.

On October 24, the SpaceX founder tweeted: “Many of the people I spoke to work on production lines at Tesla or build rockets at SpaceX Doge. They are not Silicon Valley financial experts or technical experts. That’s why I decided to support Dogen – it was like a coin encrypted by humans.

Source: CoinTelegraph