Senator Ted Cruz, during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday, once again spoke in favor of Bitcoin (BTC), praising its decentralization.

Cruz said he is very optimistic about Bitcoin because it is highly decentralized and can not be controlled by any government or entity. He went on to give an example of an ongoing problem in Canada, where the government passed emergency laws in response to a Freedom Caravan truck driver protesting against COVID-19 mandates.

The Canadian government asked financial institutions and banks to freeze protesters’ accounts, after which crypto exchanges and crypto wallet providers were ordered to do the same. The Nunchuck wallet non-storage service provider received a similar order and the government’s response went viral, eventually reaching the CPAC via Cruz.

Cruz read a response from a bitcoin wallet service provider that asked the Canadian government to read about self-contained wallets and private keys. The reply also stated that Nunchuck does not have access to any of the users’ financial information other than their e-mail address, which is for design purposes.

Senator Nunchak’s response was described as “impressive” and cited the example of China’s ban on cryptocurrency to suggest that governments can not control bitcoin.

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Senator Cruz has joined a growing list of pro-Bitcoin US politicians advocating the use of waste natural gas for Bitcoin mining in Texas, and they recently bought into the Bitcoin downturn. However, his propaganda that the left is anti-Bitcoin, citing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as an example, has not been well received on Crypto Twitter. One user wrote: “Bitcoin is apolitical”, and to politicize it as “left to right” is a wrong move.

Another user pointed out that Cruz, as a politician, uses Bitcoin knowledge to his advantage, and suggested that opponents become more Bitcoin supporters to oppose him.

It is important to note that although there are politicians who make a legal effort to change the law to accept bitcoin, such as Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, Senator Cynthia Loomis and a few others, most seem to focus on to use it as a tool for their political campaigns.

Source: CoinTelegraph