The US Securities and Exchange Commission voted to change the set of rules to simplify and improve “extremely complex” non-securities trading procedures.

According to an announcement by the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, the proposed changes are aimed at “harmonizing, simplifying and improving the“ existing ”extremely complex” structure to facilitate the filing of companies while protecting investors. The FDA said the changes will “address gaps and challenges” in providing existing incentives and facilitate access to investment opportunities for investors and capital for issuers of securities.

“For many small and medium sized companies, our tax exemption system is the only possible channel for raising capital. These companies and their potential investors must use a multiple exclusion and safe haven system, ”said Jay Clayton, chairman of the SEC. Different requirements. While every component of this patching system is reasonably isolated to some extent, there is plenty of room for collective improvement. ”

Most of these tests include improvements

According to current US regulations, stock quotes, including the first coin offering, must be registered with the SEC or be eligible for an exemption. Many entrepreneurs, startups and seasoned securities issuers raise capital through incentives.

It appears that the SEC has adopted a regulation-by-implementation approach to several crypto projects that they believe violate current unregistered securities rules. Her lawsuit against Telegram resulted in the company ditching its planned open network and plugging it into Gram tokens, which raised bids by $ 1.7 billion.

The regulator first proposed to simplify the existing structure in June 2019, and in March announced that it had voted in favor of a proposal for a number of changes to the rules.

Source: CoinTelegraph