The US Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, announced Wednesday that the title of the upcoming December 2 Crypto Investor Consultative Meeting will be “Helping to Ensure Investor Protection and Market Integrity in the Face of New Technologies.” Earlier, on November 15, the committee announced that the meeting would be open. Speakers and moderators will participate in an external format.

The agenda for the discussion of cryptocurrency will focus on the regulatory framework covering digital assets, market structure issues and risk identification in new technologies. Additional topics are expected to include blockchain technology, crypto ETFs, and caches.

Half of the committee members perform blockchain-specific roles:

Ali Imdad, professor and assistant professor at the Earl Graves School of Business and Management at Morgan State University and founder of the Center for Blockchain and Fintech Studies
Tyrone Ross, CEO Onramp Invest
Sydney Young, Chief Legal Officer, Solicitor General and Company Secretary, Gemini
Kristen Smith, CEO of the Blockchain Association
The rest of the committee members are qualified law professors and financial market experts.

The cryptocurrency board portion of the meeting is expected to run from 10:45 am to 12:45 pm EST. Pre-recordings for the entire meeting begin at 10:00 am ET and will be streamed online on the SEC website.

Readers will likely expect questions on topics such as the SEC’s recent decision to deny approval of Jan Vanek’s immediate ETF proposal and the nature of the commission’s engagement with crypto firms, but the exact questions the commission will discuss are not yet known. … General.

Source: CoinTelegraph