Crypto wallet provider Exodus recently received the green light from the US Securities and Exchange Commission to sell shares in its business.

According to Exodus’ public announcement Thursday, “Exodus Movement, Inc., a Delaware-based company that has developed an innovative software platform for unencrypted cryptocurrencies, has been notified that the SEC has qualified the offer of Class A shares in accordance with Rule A. ”

The stock entered the market last night in the US and is available through the same portfolio. For many years, Exodus has been a desktop wallet for cryptocurrencies, compatible with a variety of digital assets. The wallet also has a feature that allows users to switch between assets in the wallet. Now, according to the statement, users can buy Exodus shares through the app.

In February, Exodus was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a regulatory proposal, as described in the accompanying filings. Regulation (s) introduce an exception form where companies can sell unregistered shares based on information from

Thursday’s announcement points to a price of $ 27.42 per Class A share. Buyers can receive only one share or up to 2,733,229 shares. The statement says that “all investors must be registered with Exodus Securitize Transfer Agent”, which indicates two methods of registration: through Securitize or in the Exodus wallet itself.

Shares can only be purchased by residents of the United States. However, residents of Arizona, Florida and Texas cannot participate. The statement also added:

Exodus is currently investigating partnerships with alternative trading systems (ATS) that may increase the availability of Exodus shares. Exodus intends to make ordinary A shares available for trading on several ATS, including tZERO ATS, for nine months following this offer. ”
Major cryptocurrency companies have been hot news lately, and Coinbase is expected to hit the horizon on April 14.

Source: CoinTelegraph