Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and leader of the Russian Orthodox Church did not encourage his flock to invest in bitcoin, despite videos claiming otherwise.

Recently, a video appeared claiming that Kirill encouraged believers to invest in cryptocurrencies. While the video contains actual comments from the patriarch about the economic benefits of bots and discusses bitcoin (BTC), the comments were heavily edited, and the narrator also claimed that the leader will bless those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies at a reduced price. special service in the Moscow Church.

The church’s most important media spokesman, Vakhtang Kipshidze, told the local Daily Storm:

“This is an absolute deception, which misleads the people who may think that the patriarch is encouraging someone to engage in financial fraud and speculation.”
Kipshidze said he considered the fraudulent nature of the video to be obvious, saying: “It would not occur to any sensible person to suggest that the patriarch invest in some kind of night flight scheme, the fraudulent nature of which, in my opinion, is quite obvious. ”

Religious communities around the world have different opinions about cryptocurrencies, ranging from cautious approval to direct condemnation.

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In the Muslim world, which has its own set of rules and laws regarding finance and now digital assets, the use of cryptocurrencies is far from uniform.

The Malaysian Sharia Advisory Council, for example, declared trade in digital assets legal, while Indonesian religious authorities considered it “haram” or banned late last year because of its speculative nature and perceived propensity for fraud.

Source: CoinTelegraph