A new corporate initiative launched by IOVLabs, the company behind the RSK bitcoin sidechain, aims to make blockchain development easier for governments and companies.

A joint venture called Extrimian was formed with Argentine software provider Grupo Sabra to create the RSK Enterprise Cloud platform.

The blockchain as a service platform is designed to enable governments and companies to develop decentralized solutions and easily create licensed networks. The platform is reported to help integrate blockchain-based DApps into existing infrastructure used by companies and government agencies.

Guillermo Villanueva, CEO of Extrimian and co-founder of Grupo Sabra, told Cointelegraph that the focus on the initiative is different from today’s proposal:

There are many proposals from Blockchain-as-a-service, but they focus on solving the problem of distribution of licensed networks. Our vision is that the main problem that needs to be solved is the connection and integration of existing systems in the organization with these new technologies. ”
Villanueva believes that current companies are highly specialized in their specialty – cloud service providers focus on cloud solutions, while blockchain companies focus only on the blockchain stack. He continued:

“After many years of working with the complexity of developing real-world applications for the enterprise sector using the backbone of blockchain technology, we realized that there is a piece missing, which facilitates the development and operation of decentralized applications that easily integrate with the rest of the technology that companies and authorities already have. … ”

Villanueva explained that Extrimian is not looking to build its own blockchain platform. Users will be able to choose from several existing institutional blockchains including RSK, Ethereum, and Hyperledger Besu. This toolkit will be usable on cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, and more integrations are expected to come later.

Given the nature of the program, Villanueva explained that his goal is not to convince companies to make the first raid on the blockchain. He said: “Our platform is for large, medium and small enterprises and governments who have problems, who have researched possible solutions and have chosen blockchain as a platform to solve them.”

The idea for the platform seems to have been based on RSK’s own experience in developing business applications. The project has participated in several pilot projects, including a blockchain-based payment service for Argentine banks and the Energy Trading Initiative.

Villanueva explained: “The Argentine Central Bank Beta was one of many applications that we presented that gave us a clear understanding of the real needs of the corporate sector.”

In addition to founding, RSK is currently promoting use cases for decentralized finance in its blockchain smart contract with the oracle’s Chainlink and Ethereum Bridge integration.

Source: CoinTelegraph