Encrypted Data Aggregator Messari believes that aggregation will surpass Tier 1 solutions while scaling Ethereum.

Although the establishment of the Ethereum beacon signal chain was successful on December 1, analysts predict that the updates, which include an Ethereum 2.0 overhaul, will not be completed until 2022. So Messari recently stressed that the wait for Eth2 to be completed “leaves room for another low fee, “Competitors with low latency will eat up the Ethereum monopoly. ”

“Those who are bitten by the snakes due to higher fees will inevitably explore alternative platforms with higher transaction performance and lower fees if they have not already done so.”
Despite commendable efforts from Near, Cosmos and Solana to bring interoperable bridges to Ethereum, as well as steps to develop scalable chains compatible with the Ethereum VM from Polkadot and Avalanche, Messari predicts that a Layer 2 bypass solution will overcome Layer 1 network as a temporary solution. chosen by the crypto community.

Messari describes assemblies as “a new blockchain that processes transactions independent of Ethereum” before transactions are sent to the main chain in batches. Unlike Tier 1 solutions, Messari claims that assemblies can perform mathematical operations “without being run into excessive computation and data requirements.”

Messari also claims that the strong Ethereum community will prevent developers from wandering around and tweeting:

“While Ethereum’s competitors will offer similar technological advantages, Ethereum’s strong community will continue to function as its largest moat.”
Although the overall proposal has been far from “production ready” for several months, Messari notes that a “thriving ecosystem” has already formed around a number of merger projects, including the development of protocols from Optimism, Offchain Labs and Matter Labs. Synthetix and Uniswap.

Combined with hash consensus and effort proof, Messari predicts that aggregations can enable the Ethereum network to process up to 100,000 transactions per second, increasing transaction transfer rates by 10,000 times:

“If updates are released, Ethereum will be able to maintain its virtual monopoly on DeFi applications while Eth2 remains in the incubation phase.”

Source: CoinTelegraph