Ripple, a large cryptocurrency company developing XRP-based products, continues to actively claim new trademark rights.

According to public records on the USPTO website, the company filed four trademark filings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the past month.

Ripple’s last trademark application was filed on August 19. The new brand, dubbed “Ripple Impact”, aims to access a range of charitable services, including fundraising and capital reform financing.

On August 11, Ripple submitted a new batch of three trademark requests, including brands such as Ripple Impact, Ripple X and Ripplex. According to the app description, all three brands refer to electronic payment services and fiat cash gifts:

“Trademark registration aims to cover the categories of electronic financial services, which are monetary services for receiving and paying transfers and cash gifts in fiat currencies and virtual currencies through a computer network, as well as for exchanging paper currencies and virtual currencies through a computer. … network […]”

According to public records, all four trademarks were under investigation by USAPTO at the time of publication.

Earlier this year, Ripple also filed a series of trademark filings for a pioneering payment product known as Liquidity on Demand, or ODL. According to public records, applications were accepted by the agency and transferred to an expert.

USPTO’s Ripple Trademark registration also includes a device called “PayID”. In June 2020, Ripple filed two applications for this brand. The patent title was recently the subject of a lawsuit filed by a banking union in Australia. As Cointelegraph reported on August 25, Ripple is now facing a lawsuit for violating intangible property rights, as the company allegedly used the trademark of the Australian Interbank Payment Network, also known as Pay ID.

Source: CoinTelegraph