Ripple CEO (XRP) Brad Garlinghouse responded to criticism from New York Times technology reporter Nathaniel Popper after reports surfaced that Santander was still hesitant to use the company’s XRP token.

Popper targeted Garlinghouse, quoting chief executives in January 2018 about banks “planning to use [XRP token in the near future”). “People have used their savings to invest in XRP based on projections provided by Brad Garlinghouse,” he went on, adding:

“If investors had put their money in XRP that day, BradGarlinghouse spoke of the banks that had planned to use XRP – and held that way today – they would have lost about 90% of their investment.”

“Ripple is not planning to reload our strategy.”
In response, Garlinghouse explained that he believes “using XRP to solve a $ 10 trillion issue like cross-border payments is a success”.

The CEO also explained that liquidity on demand (formerly known as xRapid) has exceeded $ 2 billion in transactions since its launch, bearing in mind that the volume of transactions in the first half of 2020 increased 11 times compared to the previous first half of 2019. of the year .

During 2020, according to researcher Ripple Bloxy, the network made approximately 900,000 transactions per day, with the number of transactions increasing by 3,000,000 on January 7, 2020.

ODL currently supports over twenty Garlinghouse subscribers, including MoneyGram, Golance, Viamericas, FlashFX, and Azimo.

Popper didn’t help with his case when he misused Garlinghouse’s name on Twitter, a fact that was brought up at the end of Garlinghouse’s answer:

“Note. Nathanielpopper, for future reference – quick fact check and compliance with The New York Times – My Twitter ID is bgarlinghouse, not bradgarlinghouse”

XRP Army reinforcements arrive
In keeping with the well-known passion of the XRP community, the Ripple CEO theme quickly garnered strong support from the community, with many users praising him for his thoughtful response. YouTube and XRP supporter said CryptoEri, “I’m so glad you spoke. And it was the right decision.”

Source: CoinTelegraph