Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of blockchain-based payment company Ripple, disagrees with Coinbase’s new policy that restricts its employees from engaging in political discussions at work.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong first announced the “apolitical” policy on his blog on September 27th. He urged Coinbase employees to move away from political discussions and focus on the company’s mission to create an open financial system for the world.

Garlinghouse disagrees, telling CNBC tech companies have a responsibility to help solve social problems.

Garlinghouse said tech companies and platforms have exacerbated some social problems, so they should be willing to work on solutions as well.

For example, he said, Ripple was suing YouTube for not reporting fraudulent videos that encouraged viewers to send thousands of dollars in XRP cryptocurrency associated with Ripple.

He added that Ripple did not need to pursue the legitimacy of the case because it would not help the company, but he stressed that technology companies must take responsibility for the problems they contribute to.

Coinbase was soft-spoken as Armstrong introduced controversial policy changes, with some of the company’s top executives leaving.

Source: CoinTelegraph