Watch Cointelegraph’s latest AMA session with Occam Dow and Humanode on November 28th.
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are taking over management in the blockchain space, and this trend is still in its infancy. Occam Dow, the decentralized constituency behind OccamFi, recently voted for a new partnership for its incubation platform. Humanode will join the Occam ecosystem with a revolutionary approach to blockchain security and energy distribution.

You can get an in-depth overview of this new partnership in the following Cointelegraph AMA on November 28th. Cointelegraph will have a chat with Victor of Humanode and Cristina of Occam DAO to tell you the key details behind the partnership and future plans for the new partnership.

OccamFi Overview
OccamFi is a leading DeFi incubator platform focused on Cardano and Milkomeda, powered by underlying DAO. DAO members receive a number of benefits, including early investor rounds for projects that are part of Occam’s incubator. Along with perks, members are also tasked with passing votes on upcoming incubator candidates and future Occam’s partnerships.

Relying heavily on her community, Occam has one of the most active Discord channels in the space. This was the first time that Humanode was introduced to the Occam ecosystem, after which the company was able to impress the Occam DAO. With the newly formed partnership between the two companies, OccamFi and its extensive network of partners want to support projects that use Humanode technology in the early stages of their development.

What is humanode?
Humanode is an innovative L1 Ethereum compatible blockchain that is pioneering a new type of protocol security. Based on cryptographically secure bio-certified nodes, Humanode is proud to fulfill the principle of “one person = one node = one vote”.

Humanode specifically authenticates each node operator through biometric data, creating a verifiable network of validators where each node represents a unique human. As a result, human biometrics can be used by any protocol to prove a person behind a crypto account without compromising the user’s privacy, facilitating the emergence of new forms of DAO, universal basic income protocols, and decentralized identities. The Humanode Chain was recently launched on the mainnet and is actively integrating with the existing blockchain ecosystem.

Humanode aims to reach a larger audience through its partnership with OccamFi and its custody services. As a well-established launcher and incubator, Occam has the potential to offer Humanode an innovative decentralized approach to multiple projects looking for the right environment for DeFi solutions and DAOs.

Join the AMA on Monday, November 28th
Humanode offers an exciting new look at what blockchain technology and decentralization could be. On the other hand, Occam brings the experience of an incubator partner who has proven successful in many projects. It is exciting to see how these two companies will work together to revolutionize the DeFi and DAO industries.

Do you want to know more about the Occam Nursery platform? Or want to learn more about how Humanode stores vital data for its nodes? Attending a Cointelegraph AMA with Occam and Humanode is the perfect place to get answers to these questions.

This AMA is open to all and viewers will be able to ask questions to the participants in the live chat. Also, Occam and Insanode will be sharing exciting news about their newly formed partnership. Join the Cointelegraph YouTube channel on November 28 at 17:00 UTC to get the latest updates from the two projects.

Source: CoinTelegraph