GameStop (GME) brings together a team of blockchain and NFT experts to work on the company’s future NFT platform.

GME stock has become iconic among retailers in the wake of the r/wallstreetbets and Robinhood saga earlier this year. On Reddit, the r/Superstonk community has 659,000 members and conducts business discussions and exchanges related to GME.

GameStop’s post yesterday has over 10,000 votes at the time of writing, and many contributors have commented positively on GameStop’s latest move.

GameStop quietly unveiled a simple website for its NFT marketplace in May. The site currently features a Nintendo Gameboy-style gaming console with the Ethereum logo, as well as a message asking recruits to work on the platform.

The company has kept the cards to itself ever since, but on October 25, it listed a total of eight crypto-friendly candidates positions, including three positions for experienced NFT software engineers, three positions for product marketers, and two positions. Focused on Web3-based games.

An entry from the head of Web3 Gaming says GameStop is looking for someone with experience in “Ethereum, NFT, and blockchain-based gaming platforms.” The company also indicated that there are some plans related to the Metaverse in the works.

GameStop is looking for a unique person who can help accelerate the future of gaming and commerce. In this future, games are the place to go and play will depend on what you attend. Future creators will create not only games, but also components, characters and equipment. Blockchain will drive the trade below,” the job posting reads.

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Members of the r/Superstonk community praised the company yesterday, with Triaspia2 calling it one of the “best job vacancies” they’ve seen, while promising to buy more from GME because it was a “bullish signal”.

Redditor “Donnybiceps” was also optimistic, noting that:

“NFT is the future, and people who haven’t taken the GME train with all these clues should blame themselves for not thinking about it.”
In October, GME showed unstable dynamics, as it fell to $166, after which it jumped to $187 and collapsed again. However, according to Tradingview, the price of GME has continued to rise by 2.8% this month, at $178 at the time of writing. The annual growth rate of GME is 844%.

Source: CoinTelegraph