There is never a dull moment in the country of Bitcoin (BTC). While markets demand tranquility, Bitcoin’s creative communities always have a reason to be entertained.

Yesterday, a Reddit user named Optimal-Dentistador (hereafter called the NPD) questioned the longevity of the Bitcoin network, and defied the passage of time.

In a post sent to Bitcoin subreddit, the NPD wrote “a letter and also placed private keys worth $ 100 in BTC.” In a private communication with Cointelegraph, they reported that “0.003 BTC was placed in the new address, the private and public keys were placed with the letter in an envelope, and here we are.”

This life experience was inspired by recent events organized by the city’s NPD public library, which will remain confidential at the request of the NPD. They told the Cointelegraph that in their article:

“It was an event when you could write something like a letter, poetry or a diary that was to be kept for 100 years. If you wrote any personal information on the envelope, they would try to find a living relative to give them. ”
The NPD decided to put “something special” in the time capsule, ie public and private key data up to 0.003 BTC, which is about $ 100 at today’s price. They told the Cointelegraph, “I’m going to tell my family about this,” but the NPD also jokes that they may end up “forgetting everything, who knows what’s going to happen in the coming decades.”

The Reddit community was quick to point out that while 0.003 BTC may be an insignificant amount in 2022, it can be considered the amount that will change the market in a hundred years:

The NPD soon joked that in today’s world it is a bit like looking for “amounts to hack Bitfinex” in an email. The Ministry of Justice recently confiscated 3.6 billion dollars as part of the collapse related to the Bitfinex crypto exchange.

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Considering that the letter will not open until 2022, a Redditor, “fontinuos”, commented that “it is sad to think that we will all die and not see the result.” The NPD agrees that although it is a pleasant experience, the end result is a “dark feeling”.

However, the value of meme is great, and the descendants of the NPD can get rich. NPD signed Cointelegraph: “See you in 2122 best diamond scorpions :)”

Source: CoinTelegraph