A Reddit user running under the name “seraf1990” has warned of a copy-and-paste crypto scam that has replaced the copied wallet address from Coinbase with the last version of the scammers. According to seraf1990, he lost around $ 350 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) – the money he listed should go into his rent for the next month.

The post states that seraf1990 attempted to withdraw BTC by sending it from Binance to her Coinbase account. After copying the exchange’s Bitcoin wallet address, he pasted it back into the appropriate field on Binance and completed “no thought” of the transaction. It was only later that he realized that the title had somehow been altered.

This type of attack is very common, except for one major difference. When a bad actor swaps your headline with his title, the two are very different from each other, making it relatively easy to spot the exploit. In the case of teller 1990, the first four digits of the two addresses were identical.

This problem was exacerbated by the fact that Coinbase only displayed the first few numbers of a wallet on a user’s device.

In the post, seraf1990 mentioned that the device used in the transaction was a Windows PC. Some responses have speculated that malware could be behind the crypto scam, although the method has not been directly confirmed.

A similar incident was reported by Cointelegraph in June. The cyber criminals have reportedly pretended to be an encrypted messaging service to steal Bitcoin using a copy and paste function.

Source: CoinTelegraph