Truck drivers protesting Canada’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccine have turned to bitcoin-based crowdfunding platform Tallycoin after increasing political pressure from all directions led to GoFundMe canceling the Freedom Caravan campaign.

On Friday, GoFundMe withdrew a $ 9 million campaign and donations in response to reports of violence that it allegedly violated the terms of use. Initially, donors had to apply for the money back. After a lot of criticism, however, the platform withdrew on Saturday, and decided that it would automatically refund donors instead.

Shortly after GoFundMe canceled the campaign, a group of regulators moved their efforts to Tallycoin, a crowdfunding platform built on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain.

“The old financial infrastructure can sometimes be politicized and repressed, while Bitcoin is a truly censorship-proof way to create value,” it says on the new fundraising page.

So far, at the time of writing, $ 321,111 has been donated to Tallycoin cranes – only a fraction of the $ 9 million raised on GoFundMe. It also remains to be seen whether the funds raised on Tallycoin will be exposed to the same pressure from the government and politicians when converted to fiat currency.

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The Freedom Caravan campaign originally launched in mid-January as a GoFundMe fundraiser for truck drivers in Canada protesting against vaccination demands. It has since become a general springboard against mandatory public health measures, including quarantines and requirements for the use of masks.

This is not the first time that governments or large technology companies have issued orders on who can or cannot receive money based on policy. GoFundMe also froze $ 160,000 in funds until the organizers of Caravan Canberra submitted an expense plan on January 31st.

Just before the original Freedom Caravan campaign was canceled, it reportedly became the fifth most successful campaign in GoFundMe history.

Source: CoinTelegraph