The exemplary initiative, which uses decentralized financing as a way to generate digital income for users, announced that people have now demanded more than 14 million tokens.

GoodDollar’s Global Basic Income Project (UBI) has reached more than 40,000 people in 180 countries since it launched in September, according to Wednesday’s announcement. The project reported that more than half of the participants demanded their token daily on a reserve G $ basis. Currently, 14 million tokens have been announced.

The project introduces G $ tokens due to the benefit of unauthorized third-party protocols from the basket of cryptocurrencies. Individuals and sponsors receive income from market interest rates in G $ and a daily amount is allocated for distribution as a digital UBI to GoodDollar Members.

UniAsia, founder and CEO of eToro and founder of GoodDollar, said that conditions during the global pandemic have increased interest in digital assets in the new millennium:

“We are witnessing a new influx of people who want to enter the markets and introduce new economic innovations,” said Asia. “GoodDollar expands financial capacity and market access while providing essential digital income to drive its own digital economy.”

Generally speaking, the term universal basic income allows legislators or other governments to offer citizens a monthly salary to meet basic needs. Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang was a staunch supporter of this idea, indicating that all eligible U.S. citizens receive $ 1,000 per month.

Users can’t yet use G $ tags in the same way as mandatory tags, but they can switch to online services through the Facebook Marketplace in addition to certain courses. The project added that, in its view, people are “keen to accept additional currencies” and receive financial education:

“Even early in the life cycle, there are indications that GoodDollar is showing that basic digital income can operate at scale while having a positive impact globally.”
There is strong support for universal primary income, and there is evidence that cryptocurrencies can be an effective delivery system for this money. An Oxford study found that 71% of Europeans support the idea of ​​universal basic income, while Twitter chief Jack Dorsey recently donated $ 5 million to Young’s efforts to create universal basic income for American citizens.

Source: CoinTelegraph