El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, tweeted a letter to Reuters on Wednesday night, claiming that Binance chief Changpeng “CZ” Zhao had flown to rescue Bitcoin bonds in El Salvador.

“Please do not distribute R & D to Reuters,” Bukele tweeted to his 3.6 million followers, refuting allegations that Czechoslovakia flew to help after a $ 1 billion bond bid originally scheduled for mid-March was delayed until September. He responded to a tweet about it in Bitcoin Magazine, which has now deleted the post.

Bukele said the delay in the “volcanic bond” offer was mainly due to legislative delays in Congress, that his meeting with Czechoslovakia had nothing to do with the bond offer, and that the couple intended to discuss “other issues.”

Paolo Arduino, chief technology officer at Bitfinex, the company that issued the bonds, came to Bukele’s rescue, saying the delays were mainly due to bond issuance laws that still had to be passed by Congress. They were also joined by Samson Mo, the former chief strategist at Blockstream – El Salvador’s bond launch partner – and tweeted: “Nothing has changed.”

Earlier this week, Salvadora’s finance minister Alejandro Celaya said a $ 1 billion bond issue originally scheduled for mid-March would be postponed until September, citing geopolitical instability as the main reason for the delay.

Three hours after criticizing the Reuters report, Bukele is back on Twitter complaining to the US government in response to a bill aimed at reducing US influence over El Salvador’s financial system after using bitcoin as a a legal currency. services. On Wednesday, a panel passed the El Salvador Crypto Accountability Act, which must be voted on by the entire US Senate.

Bukele wrote in response to the news, “Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that the US government would be so afraid of what we are doing here,” adding: “The US government is not pro-freedom, and this is a proven fact.”

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Bitcoin (BTC) -supported bonds are issued by El Salvador as a way to accumulate significant BTC reserves and fund the creation of “Bitcoin City”, a development entirely dedicated to Bitcoin and related blockchain technology. It is said that it will utilize the geothermal energy of nearby volcanoes to power bitcoin mining as well as urban infrastructure. Half of the $ 1 billion in revenue will go to construction, while the remaining $ 500 million will be invested directly in bitcoin.

Source: CoinTelegraph