For many, the concept of digitization is now part of pop culture, and some of the world’s most famous memes such as “Grumpy Cat”, artist creations or celebrity memories are now taking on a new form as Unalterable Token (NFT). While many agree with this new way of evaluating contemporary culture, others are confused by the hype. This reaction is to be expected, since the same weight still applies when considering an art that is as invaluable as the Mona Lisa. Although many people do not want to pay a billion dollars or more, the value of the original can be confusing, but they are familiar with the painting and can come from far and wide to see it with their own eyes.

Like other priceless objects, NFTs are valuable when in their own possession, since they are owned only by the owner. The value of the asset itself is determined by confirming ownership of the blockchain. As our world has become more digital, the world has seen that this concept continues to blur the boundaries between technology such as background, creativity, fashion and design. As a result, people from everywhere and everywhere can now unite for a new collective purpose as new doors are opened for community unification.

The Styllar team brings a mix of pop culture, fashion and NFT to life. The project team, supported by Monolith and Webisoft, recently announced the launch of Collectible NFT Avatars on Terra (LUNA), each fully customizable and of the highest quality on the blockchain. Like most creations, this concept was not created overnight, but rather a product of over 12 years of thinking and careful thinking by an in-house team of artists, marketers, software developers, web designers and web developers. This level of quality is also ensured by its distinctive style and gaming platform.

In addition to quality, Styllar offers a huge advantage in terms of interactivity. This project is known as one of the first NFTs in all blockchains that provides an avatar builder that users can build their own NFTs as they wish. Customizations can include custom elements or rare themes for a Styllar community or marketplace, which can later be exported to multiple social media platforms, contacts, or other web platforms.

Consolidation of two experienced companies
The still images are currently available in 10,050 original avatars, some of which are severely in short supply. In addition, project owners with the development of Styllar will have access to several opportunities to obtain objects, such as free air drops. Items can then be exchanged or placed on their avatar. When completed, the avatar can be embossed so that it attaches to the user’s wallet with all the items they choose.

Their team describes their goal in the project by saying:

“Styllar wants to establish itself as a first-class group of NFTs, giving owners access to elaborate and elaborate artwork, as well as many benefits and opportunities.”

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The Styllar project has been in development since 2013, the art style was developed in 2007 and has changed every year since then.

Made artwork
Through recent developments, Styllar has proven that the necessary resources are invested in the development of the project to make it the most rewarding NFT project and continue to provide excellent returns for investors and project sponsors.

The team, which now includes eight full-time members and several part-time resources, plans to introduce Avatar Maker and its suite over the next few months. Styllar is working on building the pool, and also plans to offer cross-chain functions with Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) in future releases. And of course, for those who want to bring their digital experience back to the physical world, the Styllar product line will also be launched.

Art is an expression of the user’s creativity, and still images prove it.

Source: CoinTelegraph