According to a new announcement, the Ethereum (ETH) Polygon (MATIC) Layer 2 solution integrates the Simba chain to expand and create a new infrastructure for Web3.

While Polygon is best known as a provider of scaling solutions, the new partnership aims to create the next chapter for Web3 and expand the services offered by the Polygon network. The first significant development between the two companies will be the launch of a white label NFT trading platform.

With the growing influence and popularity of Web3, large Web2 companies want to take it to the next level, but they are not intimidated by the difficulties of building a decentralized infrastructure from scratch. Simba aims to lower the barrier with its tools and services. The company offers a cloud-based smart contract platform with enterprise-grade security for the enterprise.

Simba Chain is an API development platform focused on providing a framework for developing Web3 projects for Web2 companies. The company aims to lower the entry barrier for new businesses in the Web3 ecosystem. The Web3 Developer Platform has also made a name for itself by providing technology solutions to many US defense organizations.

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In addition to the NFT white market, Simba and Polygon will extend and widely integrate the Simba Metadata Record Registration (MDR) bridge to improve secure digital asset storage solutions through large-scale interoperability. Brian Ritchie, CEO of Simba Chain, told Cointelegraph:

“Simba gives developers the ability to use any string and change it at any point in the project because the platform doesn’t know that string.”
Neidig added that this flexibility gives the designer the ability to adapt to the changing requirements of a particular project without the need for a complete overhaul.

The Web3 infrastructure provider raised $25 million in September 2021 in a Series A funding round and also established several key partnerships for its NFT marketplace.

Source: CoinTelegraph