Layer-2 Ethereum Scaling Solution Polygon has not produced a new block for more than 11 hours, while the developers attribute the problem to a technical update on the network.

On Thursday at 16:20 UTC, the Polygon Network developers warned users on the project forum that there would likely be a downtime of approx. 17:50 UTC due to maintenance on one of the three network layers. The latest update is believed to have caused a bug in the network’s ability to reach consensus.

“We suspect there may have been an update bug that affected the consensus and caused different Heimdall validators to have different versions of the chain, so a 2/3 consensus was not reached.”
As expected, the power outage began at approximately 17:54 UTC.

The Polygon team released an update around 01:30 UTC stating that they are still working on the bug and that a fix has been rolled out to help continue the ban. This fix does not appear to have been activated at the time of writing.

The team also assured users that all funds and data on the chain are safe.

The power outage at the Polygon lasted 11 hours.
Users of the landfill apparently realized that a power outage was to be expected, but within the sixth hour, rumors began to surface in the community. Most users expressed concern about the increase in power outage time.

Others point out that the power outage negatively impacted their profession or work in cryptography. Twitter user @Miklos211 said:

“I literally can’t work because of this, could you tell us the time when we expect the network to work again?”
The Polygon network consists of three layers, each with a unique role. Smart contracts are executed by the Ethereum team, and the Bor team helps produce blocks. The problem is Heimdall’s third team.

Heimdall is a set of Proof of Stake (PoS) nodes that help the network reach consensus. Because of the Heimdall problem, Polygon is unable to reach consensus on the network.

The last major bug Polygon fixed threatened $24 billion in funds, but it was fixed without issue by the end of 2021.

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In related news, Polygon recently partnered with the Music Non-Foldable Token (NFT) multi-chain market to support the market in the Polygon ecosystem. TokenTraxx will allow musicians to tag their work and sell it as NFTs.

Source: CoinTelegraph