Polish police have arrested a suspect in an armed attack on FlyingAtom, a cryptocurrency and gold exchange in Olsztyn, northeastern Poland. An event occurred around 19:00. On January 22 local time, two employees were injured, one of them seriously, in a coma.

According to local media reports, on January 23, a hooded attacker carrying 450,000 zlotys of gold (about 120,000 USD) escaped after escaping from an exchange office on the fourth floor of a skyscraper in the center. After the accident, the police secured the area and underwent surveillance photography, closed many roads in the city and searched for passing vehicles. The roads reopened the next morning.

On January 23, FlyingAtom posted a notice awarding 100,000 PLN for all information that could help identify the culprit.

On January 24, the local cryptocurrency agency reported that the suspect had been arrested in connection with the investigation. The post quoted André Gorkon, a spokesman for the Olsztyn Police Ministry, commenting on the evening of 23 January that “In Bydgosz [the police] have arrested a person who may have been involved in the attack. We are not providing further information, work is in progress.”

On January 25, FlyingAtom posted a Facebook post thanking police for successfully arresting the suspect, as well as medical authorities for their continued care of injured victims, which appears to confirm an earlier report on the suspect’s arrest. According to a post on February 1, the exchange office was closed after the attack and will likely resume operations in early March.

Despite the fact that many cryptocurrency-related criminal incidents are committed online, there is still a constant risk of physical theft in the industry. In late January, an armed gang posing as cryptocurrency buyers stole about 3.5 million Hong Kong dollars ($ 450,000) from a woman in Hong Kong. Fortunately, she was not injured during the incident, but other victims of cryptocurrency attacks were kidnapped, tortured or forced to flee in extremely dangerous conditions.

Source: CoinTelegraph