As it stands, the gaming world is structured in such a way that mistrust is common among enthusiasts interested in asset management. With the economy growing faster than ever, it seems that it has been difficult for players to check the shortage of their assets or ensure true ownership, not to mention the challenges of registering and monitoring technology through a secure system.

Among other benefits, blockchain technology has proven useful in many industries that previously lacked accountability. The same technology facilitates fixed or immutable transactions between two strangers on the Internet. In practice, this feature can demonstrate fairness to all players due to a lack of in-game assets, including non-perishable tokens (NFT), by disclosing the actual amount available and changes to item acquisition.

Night Life Crypto addresses this issue with the development and future release of its core game, which their team members describe as “a large-scale game with potentially new science and backstory.”

“High-quality graphics, super fun gameplay, and many ways to earn NLIFE (one of them doesn’t even require you to play)” a feature the team says “has never been used before in crypto.”

Night Life Crypto operates as a startup and offers players an opportunity backed by high levels of security, usability, user data protection, and zero in-game transaction fees for their offerings – a game known as Night Life Drifting. Night Life Drifting is an arcade style racing game where players focus on drifting. The gameplay revolves around a combination of earned game tokens, playable NLIFE and NFTs, allowing users to win in-game assets on the Polygon Network (MATIC) that can then be used, traded or traded in the market.

The team has since announced its partnership with Polygon NFT Marketplace for the first NFT series in the upcoming Night Life Drifting game.

to go with the flow
In partnership with Polygon Night Life, Crypto will unveil a previously unknown brand vehicle known as the Matic GT. The vehicle itself can be purchased as an NFT, which players can control in the game. Races take place in the city in the style of New Tokyo, with neon lights illuminating the surrounding landscape. Users will explore five regions and many other sub-areas, each of which can be purchased as NFTs, which projects or businesses can purchase as their branded ads, including billboards posted around the city that players can see while driving and also earn while competing. Races take place in their area.

Released as part of the Night Life Crypto Partnership, the vehicle includes a custom front end, spoiler, rear bumper, paint, rims and an NFT license plate, which is also available for purchase. Most of these parts will be available as a one-off design in partnership with Polygon, which will also be available in limited quantities. As part of the series, players can look forward to a special gold paint for the Matic GT, which will have a mint instrument limit of just three. Additionally, Night Life Crypto burns 20% off the NFT network weekly while raising prices by 20% as part of the Economic Value Program (EVP).

Other features of this partnership will be rolled out to help the loyal NLIFE community, including NLIFE Delivered on Polygon (MATIC) and the ability to use a bridge service built by NLIFE to connect a BEP-20 or ERC-20 NLIFE to Polygon. In the near future, players will also be able to purchase NLIFE on Quickswap.

Ahead is a well-lit road
The team states that this partnership will be one of several companies that will collectively make Night Life Crypto one of the best blockchain gaming platforms in the world. Additionally, it will also include in-game graphics and level customizations in the upcoming Night Life Drifting release before the end of 2021.

Night Life Crypto released an alpha version of its original game Prop Pirates last year, surpassing the quality of the blockchain games created. Development of Prop Pirates is expected in the first quarter of 2022.

Their next year is no different from their continued progress: they plan to fully launch Night Life Drifting with NFT features, expand the game Prop Pirates, as well as create several ways in which users can earn not only NLIFE, but also the best cryptocurrencies.

Source: CoinTelegraph