A special goal was scored in the world’s most popular sports when European clubs ended their partnership with Bitci, the Turkish cryptocurrency exchange. However, there are many alternative crypto companies on the bench to make crypto mainstream through football.

Growing but opaque regulations of cryptocurrency in Turkey are said to hamper the company’s ability to make payments, leading to mistrust from major football clubs.

Portugal’s Sporting CP – the green and white striped footballers made famous by the club where Cristiano Ronaldo cut his teeth – and Serie A club Spezia have also ended their partnership with Bitci. Formula 1 powerhouse McLaren Racing terminated its sponsorship agreement with Bitci in early February.

Barcelona also recently announced that they would prefer a partnership agreement with Binance over Spotify, despite the launch of the phantom token in April 2021.

Although it may seem that cryptocurrency and football partnerships have dropped to 10 players, the agreements, enthusiasm and sponsorship of cryptocurrency among football clubs are an open goal.

Of the 20 football clubs in England, 17 have had at least one agreement with a cryptocurrency company. For Watford FC, Dogecoin (DOGE) not only appears on the jersey cover, but Stake.com sponsors most of the jersey.

Dogecoin and Stake.com on the Watford FC jersey. Source: DV
80 miles southeast of Watford, in Southampton, the “Saints,” as the locals call them, began their Bitcoin (BTC) hunt on Wednesday. In collaboration with the crypto-betting site Sportsbet.io, the winner of an online competition receives all bitcoin.

Still based in England, Peter McCormack started the story of the English underdog by buying his local club, Bedford FC. The goal is to tackle the English Premier League using Bitcoin and its community.

While Crypto.com recently renamed the Los Angeles NFL Stadium from the Staples Center to the Crypto.com Arena, in Italy, the entire football league is sponsored by the crypto giant.

Elsewhere, fan tokens are becoming more popular among European football fans. As the Cointelegraph reported, the blockchain-driven sports company Chile has attracted the attention of major football clubs, and Socios has announced a deal with UEFA.

AC Milan fan mark on the shirt. Source: Inter.it
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While the European team’s crypto sponsor may have to wait until next season, the Argentine team has become the first national football club in the world to hire a crypto sponsor. Binance recently partnered with White and Sky Blue.

Finally, while European football is waiting for a national team to be sponsored by crypto, in rugby, the crypto exchange Bitpanda is now sponsored by Azurri. The announcement came ahead of Italy’s match with the six rugby teams in January.

Source: CoinTelegraph