In this hyper-connected world where personal information is a valuable commodity, privacy is a hot topic. Today, many consumers want privacy more than ever, especially when it comes to the transactions they make and the digital paths they leave behind.

This is what the anonymous team behind the peer-to-peer system Utopia offers. The platform was created by “fundamental respect and protection of personal liberty and freedom on the Internet” – and is designed to eliminate surveillance and censorship. The purpose is to ensure the confidentiality of financial transactions, user data and private messages.

Ecosystem development
Utopia says that it has developed in three main areas over the past 17 months – through higher levels of network stability and performance, healthy growth in communities around the world and increased availability of its own CRP cryptocurrencies on several exchanges.

Among the latest features of the project are censorship-resistant websites that can be anonymous in the ecosystem. They include a fully integrated exchange where users can register without any identification, or their IP address is tracked. The exchange also offers automatic withdrawals without restrictions. Additional features include forum, file sharing server and crane. Looking ahead, secure apps for Android and iOS are being developed, and user identities that are currently locked by non-interchangeable codes (NFTs) will have additional benefits in the ecosystem.

Resist censorship
At the heart of the Utopia ecosystem is CRP, a proprietary digital currency that enables small payments, stabilizes consistently in less than three seconds, and has integrated APIs that automate payments and billing across the ecosystem.

As with Bitcoin, Crypton saw a previously announced fair launch without ICOs, private investments or group distributions. All CRP coins are mined decentralized and without a permit. Regarding the projects with which this asset could be compared, the official website notes that the Telegram TON project was similar – even though TON was not launched due to “bureaucratic delays”.

Cryptotransactions are completely censorship resistant, and unlike Bitcoin, even miners cannot restrict transactions – meaning no central or collective entity can manipulate the network. Crypto signatures link the transfer of currencies to the blockchain, and all transactions are fully encrypted. The team claims that this ensures that the transferred amounts, as well as the parties to the transaction, remain completely anonymous. This technology also ensures that transactions cannot be linked to IP addresses.

The ecosystem’s peer-to-peer feature set helps maximize the benefits of Crypton. The messaging platform provides a fast and secure place to chat with instant transfer and data storage. P2P poker and chess are also available online, where CRP is used for poker chips and rake coins are burned out of circulation. All Crypton transactions and NFT filing fees also burn CRP, which helps to create deflationary pressure on the coin supply.

More information from Utopia here
Utopia’s goal is to offer “truly free internet without borders”, so that monitoring does not happen and information flows without restriction. As the Ecosystem website says, “When you use Utopia, Big Brother no longer sees you. With Utopia you can bypass internet censorship and firewalls, which means you can communicate freely with anyone, whenever you want. Utopia guarantees freedom of expression. ”

The development team has worked with Utopia for seven years. Known as the 1984 group, they describe themselves as “network enthusiasts who can no longer stand aside to look at what is happening in the world today and see that the core values ​​of freedom are being eroded in our society. “

Source: CoinTelegraph