An anonymous source was recently discovered online trying to sell private customer and employee data, allegedly from a Paxful crypto exchange. A company spokesperson told Cointelegraph that no customer data had been threatened.

“Our customers’ data has not been compromised in any way,” a company spokesperson said on Friday. They noted that “there were no violations on the Paxful platform,” adding:

“The person’s alleged employee data was obtained illegally from a third-party provider previously used by Paxful; Paxful terminated its contract with that supplier in September 2020. We have taken steps to ensure that our employees are not affected by this incident and to continue to actively monitor the situation as a precaution.”
On Friday, someone posted a message on the Russian-language Telegram channel entitled “Information leakage”, which read: “Emptying the database of registered users and employees on The P2P cryptocurrency exchange is for sale in English. – Shadow Talk Forum”.

The letter included phone numbers, names, and addresses, as well as other personal information that was allegedly confiscated and made available for purchase through a “landfill” that allegedly contained more than “4.8 million records.”

Unfortunately, computer hacks and leaks are not uncommon in a world increasingly accustomed to technology. Facebook recently suffered a breach that resulted in more than 500,000 customers’ data breaches. Millions of people were affected by the infamous Equifax leak in 2017. The Cryptocurrency Ledger hardware wallet company also faced data breach issues in 2020.

Source: CoinTelegraph