After years of discussions about extradition, a French court has finally decided the case of Alexander Finnik, who laundered bitcoins (BTC).

According to a report published by Novaya Gazeta on December 7, Fink was sentenced to five years in prison for “money laundering as part of an organized criminal group and providing false information about the source of the proceeds” in addition to a fine of € 100,000. … ($ 121,000).

According to the BBC, the court dropped the charges related to ransom, known as Locky. At the time of publication, the online reports did not specify whether Finnik’s fine was related to his alleged leading role in the expired cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e.

Fink has previously denied involvement with BTC e-codes and claimed that he is only employed. He said that his monthly salary in BTC-e was 10,000 euros.

As previously reported, Vinnik is reportedly the origin of an international money laundering scheme that handled more than $ 4 billion in capital flows via BTC-e.

Commonly known as “Mister. Bitcoin “, Vinnik was first arrested in Greece in July 2017 on charges of participating in BTC e-transactions. Following the arrest, a number of judicial authorities requested the extradition of Finnik, including the United States and Russia, whose citizenship belongs to Vinnik. Finnick was extradited to France in 2018 on charges of fraud and money laundering.

New Zealand police reportedly returned $ 90 million in June 2020 in the Vinnik case.

Source: CoinTelegraph