Oscar-winning Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov adopted a strange conspiracy theory on local television. He claims that a recent Microsoft patent for a cryptocurrency sensor mining system that uses body activity data includes the first step in a fiendish plot to get a chip for the human race.

In an episode of “Besogan TV,” which roughly translates as “TV demon killer,” Mikhalkov claimed the number of a patent for Microsoft's system cryptocurrency, WO / 2020/060606, referring to the mysterious nature of this technology.

“Part 060606 is somewhat disturbing. You could understand that, right? This is a coincidence or a conscious choice of such a symbol, which at the end of the world John is called “the number of the beast” – 666, ”he said. he said.

Russian director publishes the plot of Corona virus
Mikhalkov claims that the system will become a global electronic chip program under the Bill Gates Foundation for the development of a vaccine against COVID-19.

He claims that this program will be implemented by the “conspirators” with Gates, and accuses German Gref, head of the state bank of Sberbank, of joining the demonic program.

The episode shown on May 1 on Rossiya 24 was excluded from the channel’s schedule, prompting Mikhalkov to demand censorship of the channel. After it was posted online, the episode received 700,000 views in less than a day.

The conspiracy theory was supported even by a Russian politician and retired tennis player Marat Safin.

Promotion applies
The theory ignores the absence of any mention of microcircuits in the Microsoft patent, blocks the connection of Gates with the company after leaving the board, and does not adequately explain the purpose of Mikhalkov’s Small Pieces program.

RT also said. – Those who are afraid that the evil company will decisively face violent actions should first scan their pockets in search of a small “tracker” called a smartphone, which they voluntarily bought and downloaded.

Source: CoinTelegraph