In the dreary mid-January for Bitcoin (BTC), there is still room for humility and humor. The former outspoken critic of Bitcoin had a positive view of Bitcoin after talks with Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy.

Additionally, Sven Henrich, CEO of analytics firm NorthmanTrader, shed some light on his grief by retweeting a joke from the Documenting Bitcoin Twitter account.

Despite his earlier comments that Bitcoin “does not fix anything,” Henrich has been following the cryptocurrency markets for three years. He regularly tweets about bitcoin trading, providing market analysis, according to Cointelegraph.

However, he was not going to buy. In 2022, he became a “Bitcoin Supporter”. This means that we can expect Heinrich to “explore Bitcoin next year,” write pro-Bitcoin articles like a detailed and well-researched one called Evolution (R), and even add laser eyes to Twitter. His avatar.

But how did that happen? How do loyal anti-Bitcoin critics fill in the gaps and commit to supporting Satoshi Nakamoto’s innovation?

It seems to have started when one of Bitcoin’s biggest bulls, Michael Saylor, called his bets during the pair’s conversation on Twitter. In July 2021, Saylor extended an olive branch to the CEO, explaining to Heinrich that he should study BTC in more detail.

Soon, they had a discussion on YouTube where Saylor does her best to discredit a grain trader and investment expert.

Seven months later, Henrich writes detailed articles evaluating an “alternative to an imposed monetary system” and concludes that “Bitcoin is such an alternative.”

Heinrich explained his current loyalty:

“So, for Bitcoin fans, I say this: one of you. For those of you who don’t hate: I don’t hate, I appreciate ;-). This is what creates the market.”
The article titled “(R) Evolution, Why I became a #Bitcoin supporter” explains the macroeconomic background, regulatory speculation, and the asset bubble. It is now pinned to the top of Henrich’s Twitter account.

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On Wednesday, Saylor and Heinrich recorded another in-depth joint discussion titled “Bitcoin Overheating,” in which Heinrich emphasized that he “wanted to buy.” During the chat, Saylor Heinrich encouraged viewers to spend more time learning about BTC.

While we have to wait for his BTC buy announcement, this is another victory for Sailor. “We will convince everyone,” said Sailor, not frightened by the recent pricing measures, and who intends to take oranges around the world.

Source: CoinTelegraph