Opera has announced a partnership with Yat, a platform that enables emoji-based URL generation (URL) to integrate the emoji system into Opera browsers across all operating systems. To celebrate the announcement, the duo launched a distribution event with seven non-fungible (NFT) tokens from legendary NFT artist Fvckrender at a minimum price of 2.89 Ether (ETH).

Technology startup Yata, an NFT project, allows internet users to own personal emoji strings and use them as digital identifiers and global wallet addresses. Opera recently released a beta version of the new Crypto Browser project.

The integration allows Opera users to browse the web by typing an emoji string into the address bar instead of letters and words. According to Jörgen Arnesen, Opera’s executive vice president of mobile, Opera’s “emojis,” as the company calls them, are a “new, easier, and more fun” way to find and direct to Yat pages.

“The partnership represents a major paradigm shift in how the Internet works. By integrating with Yat, Opera users can drop .com or even words in their links and use emojis to navigate websites.”
Emoji embedded in web pages will automatically link to the corresponding “y.at/” page. Famous artists and celebrities were among the first to monetize and use their Yat emoji URLs, simply referred to as Yats. For example, rapper Lil Wayne’s Yat page (y.at/alien-musical note) directs users to the record company’s website, while DJ Steve Aoki’s (y.at/birthday cake-musical note) page redirects users to his website. .

To celebrate the launch of the merger, Yate and Oprah are organizing a clearinghouse search for members to compete for seven Fvck Crystals NFTs from NFT artist Fvckrender.

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At the time of writing, Yat is trading 411 ETH ($1,263,422) on OpenSea.

Source: CoinTelegraph