Twitter users reacted negatively to an OpenSea email sent to users who still had inactive posts on their accounts. In an email, OpenSea explained that legacy NFT lists can still be run and must be overridden by the user because OpenSea cannot override them for them. They stated that this will “prevent some of your items from being sold at an inactive list price” due to the drop in the price of Ethereum (ETH).

According to the NFTdingalingts aggregator and other users, this warning had the opposite effect and the deletion led to a re-creation of the order. Dingalingts tweeted a thread urging users to “move the NFT first to another address and cancel the listings on the original address before” and cancel it.

It was quoted by another user @swolfchan.eth who claimed to have lost at least 15 ETH. After the Mutant Ape Yacht Club was delisted, it was re-listed at 6 ETH, but someone waiting in the ETH note pool ended up selling NFTs in the same block, leading to an early delisting.

While some users like @roundcatcrypto at @swolfchan.eth commented “That’s on you dude. Don’t play with the company because you were trying to save a few dollars”, others gathered to support him and dingalingts.

Alex Atala, co-founder of OpenSea, responded to the @swolfchan.eth thread and tweeted, “They have a team working on this and they’re launching a countermeasure now.” @swolfchan.eth called and asked if he was eligible for a refund but got no response.

Source: CoinTelegraph