With only 21 million bitcoins (BTC) to be spent, just under 2.5 million BTC remains to be mined.

In a tweet, ChartBTC said the Bitcoin network has already crossed the 18.5 million BTC in circulation mark. This means there are less than 2.5 million BTC left, or about 11.9% of all Bitcoin that will be created.

ChartBTC indicated that half of the remaining 2.5 million BTC will be mined over the next four years. Since the Genesis block in 2009, the Bitcoin network has already gone through three halves, with the third occurring in May of this year. With new coins issued at a rate of half every four years, it is not expected that the last Bitcoin will be mined until 2140. After this year, a new Bitcoin cannot be mined.

As Cointelegraph previously reported, a group of eight Crypto Valley experts believed the latter half was different from the past as more and more people were considering storing their savings in BTC.

Since the beginning of 2020, the institutional demand for Bitcoin has increased steadily. New survey data showed that institutional investors intend to increase their bitcoin allocations regardless of the short-term price drop. With his investment in MicroStrategy, he now owns the world’s largest SWF with 577.6 BTC.

Source: CoinTelegraph