The war between cryptocurrency exchanges is not only a war against the inclusion of alternative digital currencies, but also a war for technological innovation.

Improved matching engine Less latency More TPS More rate limit Smarter command types Non-stop the list goes on. Traders in particular are not sated in terms of capital efficiency when trading cryptocurrencies, be it spot trading or derivatives trading.

Technological advancement lies in the fact that once you try something new, there is no turning back. When your capital can be used at 200% all the time, 101% is not acceptable. As of 2021, the leading cryptocurrency exchanges were offering the latest security management products, which significantly increased market turnover.

One such product is’s Uniform Margin (UM), which consists of a complete package with an advanced trading and risk management system that helps users manage the assets they have acquired through trading.

According to CEO John Ge, the platform will help users better manage their investments.

“Due to market volatility, it is imperative that profit and loss positions be managed very efficiently. A standardized margin account, combined with our margin portfolio model, allows our users to benefit from an optimized and industry-leading capital risk management system.”

Source: CoinTelegraph