A virtual world reimagined with non-native tokens (NFT) is Neopets, a virtual pet site. The team announced the launch of its IP address on the blockchain to provide a new and improved user experience. For unknowns, Neopets is one of the first online games where users can get a pet with which they can explore the big world. You can raise children, build houses and find rare items.

Over the past two decades, millions of people have come to know Neopet characters in their virtual world of Neopia and shared them with their friends on mobile devices and computers. Even those who didn’t play supported the community with a bunch of their featured articles. With the latest news in Web 3.0, a team of cute characters wants to open doors for NFT collectors and a growing crypto audience, many of whom have played or tried Neopets in their youth. The launch of the brand on Web 3.0 will give these users the opportunity to learn and share the history of the Neopets. While the events map each other, it is important to note that the metaverse will exist independently of the Neopets’ current location.

Upon launching Neopet’s Metaverse NFT, 20,500 Neopets generated by the algorithms will be revived. Their team shares: “The Neopets is committed to taking the leap to Web 3.0 with the future development of the Neopets Metaverse project on the Solana blockchain.”

Each Neopet in the set is unique in that it is programmatically generated from over seven other feature categories, including character, gender, emotions, skin, background, headgear, and underwear. These pets will appear in Neopet’s Metaverse collection in the Ridium DropZone.

Brand activation
Many people remember their childhood, when they had websites that could open doors to explore new worlds, take care of virtual pets that their parents wouldn’t let them have, and make friends online with people from all over the world.

Although these virtual worlds have seen their user base shrink over time since then, NFT and other blockchain capabilities may have found a new way to give these worlds new life. With the development of technology, virtual worlds are getting closer to reality.

What once seemed remote and unlikely is now a new reality as the Covid-19 pandemic forces many to live online. While most people connect, work and shop online, the concept of a simple digital ecosystem that brings these features together seems relatively natural. Through blockchain gaming innovations, the metaverse can give users access to a community similar to the one you loved when you were a kid. However, it can also be collected, bought and sold for real money by a Neopets player from anywhere in the world.

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The team behind Neopets believes that with a renewed brand, they can realize their long-term vision to create a unified experience where users can interact with the entire Neopets (Neopian) Metaverse. In the Neopean Metaverse, players can participate in experiences, including PvP and PvE games, sell in-game assets, mingle with other players, and develop the Neopets themselves.

In addition to immersive gameplay, the metaverse acts as a bridge from virtual worlds to the real world, providing gaming tools beyond the user’s device. As a result, the Neopian Metaverse is designed to be transferable, allowing users to participate in peer-to-peer communication. Related markets will also be developed in line with this mission.

bright future ahead
The next step in the first phase of the team’s long-term vision is to implement the economy of play to win. With this model, users are rewarded for playing the game either with the game currency or NFT on their own network. The third pillar of their three-part mission to the future aims to decentralize the Nubian metaverse in order to gradually transform the Neopets into a community initiative.

With a future roadmap in place, the team is in a great position to relive players’ favorite childhood memories using blockchain.

Source: CoinTelegraph