The concept of the metaverse is difficult to grasp, especially since it does not necessarily exist yet, despite the approaches of many industry pioneers. As the world becomes more and more interconnected with services, products and opportunities merging into a unified experience, Beyond the Home, in turn, is becoming a clear successor to the Internet and an accessible concept. However, the definition of the concept remains unclear, and many people’s first instincts are formed through feature films. While some aspects of this concept may be similar, groundbreaking designs for this real-world space are those that can define what this “metaverse” concept will look like and make it a reality for the average user.

Many believe that with the metaverse, the future awaits people who will increasingly interact with others, regardless of location and experience in which they want to participate, such as work or travel. For example, there might be a digital twin for an employee who can explore the digital office without having to be in a specific location, opening up companies to pool global talent and employees for new work experiences. Since this is just one example, the odds have not yet been fixed and can be changed at the discretion of the early adopters.

These pioneers include RFOX, a team founded in 2018 with the goal of becoming the world’s first metaverse. Their mission was to combine several service offerings into one central hub. The project specifically looked at ways to reduce barriers to entry, provide quick access for everyone, and receive rewards for their participation in the digital ecosystem.

Ben Fairbank, CEO of RFOX Equities,

“While the concept of the metaverse is new to many, it is a concept that we have focused on for years and that this industry sector is receiving widespread attention is a confirmation that we are on the right track and that what we are building will set us up. … continue down this path and lead innovation over the next decade. ”

Perhaps the most specific value that the project provides is that in addition to checking all the boxes, it combines virtual reality and multi-threaded components to achieve true interoperability, which is an important aspect to the overall experience.

Dead Pete came to life
RFOX has brought the concept of the metaverse to life in an interactive shopping and entertainment experience that combines game elements including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, digital objects, and more, through blockchain and related technologies such as smart contracts. The virtual space, called RFOX SELECTED in the project, is an interconnected hub; There is a lot of emphasis on e-commerce and entertainment with live performances, esports tournaments, horse riding and other similar experiences.

In practice, each user will navigate through RFOX SELECTED with a default avatar. This avatar can go to several storefronts called STORES, where they can interact with the owner of the store, who will already be another user. Each store owner will have their own SHOP control panel, which will allow them to customize the storefront as they wish. These store owners can also exist as businesses. An example of this can be seen in brands like CoinGecko. The CoinGecko team took the opportunity to participate as a famous customer to present their products and services through RFOX VALT in new media like VR. Other examples include strategic partners such as Icon, which will be housed in a dedicated gallery and RFOX VALT office space, where they can create new social connections in the VR environment.

On the game page, users will get acquainted with Arkamoto, the name itself comes from the combination of “Arcade” and “Nakamoto”. In Arkamoto, players can interact in multiple play areas to participate in live esports tournaments. The team recently announced the sale of Arkamoto on December 9, 2021. All aspects of gaming focus on the “play to make money” model, which rewards users for their online gaming success. Among them are KOGs: SLAM! Games that are already launched and provide players with new opportunities to create value and leverage digital finance opportunities, especially in emerging markets.

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All transactions will be done through the RFOX token, the main payment method in the ecosystem and the main store of value when users buy in-game land and other virtual assets. Again, the main benefit of this experience is their ability to view all offerings on one central platform and interact accordingly.

Source: CoinTelegraph