As the decentralized world continues to heat up, stock exchanges have become the last entry point for users. The current crypto market offers a number of decentralized exchanges (DEX), each offering different incentives and benefits to the end user. As a result, some platforms succeed while others struggle to match the priorities set by competitors.

Therefore, users should carefully consider issues related to transaction costs, blocking times, community involvement where they can leave comments and opportunities to earn profitable decentralized financial rewards (DeFi). This begs the question for users: “Is it possible to verify most, if not all, of these fields using a single platform?”

This is where Boss Swap Finance offers value to users and demonstrates its original style as one of the newest and most popular exchanges on Harmony Protocol (ONE). Boss Swap Finance DEX brings modernity to life with a unique theme, in addition to elaborate art and background history.

Since then, their mission has been to continually improve the user experience and interface for user interaction with cryptocurrencies and further develop the Harmony Code.

The Harmony Protocol has become necessary to achieve the goals of Boss Swap Finance. The core network has the valuable advantage of running Ethereum (ETH) applications, as well as providing 2-second transaction times with a completely fragmented Proof of Stake (PoS) architecture that results in 1000 times lower fees.

With a solid foundation, the team can implement a range of features, including a community focus, revenue-generating tokens and a clean user interface with a focus on exchange features.

Make things in harmony
As they explore the platform, users will be greeted with a roaming vendor page or a user exchange page to trade Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens so that users can exchange one token for another of the same value.

More information about BOSS SWAP financing here
Users can join The Raid, a place where users can collect various tokens so that other users can exchange liquidity. There is also the concept of “spawning pool”, which the team calls a “luxury pier pool”.

Here, users are given an extra earning opportunity to share an LP token and receive 2 tokens as a bonus in a passive earning opportunity.

No DEX would be complete without the mini-games. This is partly why the Boss Swap Finance team has released two mini-games that you can watch here.

more beautiful than all
So far, the team has shared the success of launching their project, the “fairest” home the Harmony community has yet to see. However, the team has high goals for project development, including adding meaningful partnerships, utilities and games.

As stated by their team, the end result will be that “people will enjoy what can be considered stress in the cryptocurrency world.”

Like other new ventures, the team takes feedback from the community to deliver a first-class offering, complete with contributions, agriculture, trade and NFTs that bring fun and excitement to the once monotonous world of investment.

Source: CoinTelegraph