Bitcoin (BTC) holders can now own a Tesla electric car if they have at least 1 BTC in their wallet.

With the BTC / USD exchange rate surpassing $ 34,000 over the weekend and $ 35,600 on January 6, Elon Musk’s brainchild is more accessible than ever.

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According to the pricing on Tesla’s official website, the company’s entry-level offering, the Model 3, will sell in the US for $ 33,960 if no environmental reward is applied.

Musk, who has long ridiculed Bitcoin with his tweets and comments that make it unclear whether he supports it, still faces pressure to accept the cryptocurrency for Tesla purchases.

“#Bitcoin is now buying Tesla for you. So when will you accept it, elonmusk?” Wrote the popular Bitcoin verification Twitter account this weekend.

Samson Moe, Blockstream CEO, also noted the new price parity as Bitcoin reached new full-time highs.

“It would be a shame to buy a Model 3 now as you can buy a roadster for 1 Bitcoin at the end of the year,” added Yuri Bulovic, Bitcoin Mining Director at Fidelity.

A mask that gives the dog a leg
As reported by Cointelegraph, Tesla stock has been a thorn in the side of more dedicated Bitcoin supporters, as it is the only stock to outpace gains in 2020. From just under $ 90 as of January 1 last year, near the end of last week’s TSLA trading price of 729 Dollars, which equates to an annual return of over 700%.

As of Wednesday, Tesla’s price was still higher, having completed the previous day’s trading at $ 735, but had yet to reach Bitcoin’s 2021 target.

Meanwhile, Musk himself showed little interest in the idea, and focused his efforts on Twitter on Dogecoin (DOGE) instead. After the typical altcoin announcement based on irony, the DOGE / USD rate rose more than 125% during the week.

Even the topic of Shiba Inu decorated Musk’s Christmas greetings to Twitter followers in 2020, while the extra helping hand from adult actress Angela White increased Dogecoin’s fortune.

Source: CoinTelegraph