While Bitcoin’s initial rally exceeded the $ 1 trillion market, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency split the source of liquidity because OKCoin cryptocurrency exchange removes BSV and BCH.

In a blog post today, OKCoin CEO Hong Fang outlined the delisting decision as a solution designed to protect investors from a “malicious malicious information war”.

Fang noted that the exchange regularly evaluates listed assets for a range of calculations, “including ecosystem development and ethics” as well as “ethical or recognized red flags,” and that the two figures have been removed since the last review. However, given the “unique story and context,” Fang wrote that the company had to explain its decision.

The post said, “When it became known that Craig Wright – who self-proclaimed a notorious creator of Bitcoin and a supporter of BSV – took steps to enforce copyright on the bitcoin paper, we ran into a very unpleasant dilemma.”

While Fang explained that the company believes that “Bitcoin is an open source program” and that individual and hard forks differences are resolved in the context of open source software, in the end, “it is hard for us to ignore the war that has broken out. Harmful misinformation by Craig Wright and other prominent members of the communities.” [BCH and BSV]. ”

“We view both factors as badly hurting bitcoin, which is the cornerstone of our industry.” Before we have a better way to separate BSV from Wright’s attacks on the open source community, and separate these two derivative protocols from the original Bitcoin on our platform, it would be more appropriate for us to shoot them. ”
According to Coingecko, OKCoin is registered in the US and traded for $ 50 million daily, of which 70% is BTC / USD. Before the announcement, BSV was only $ 30,000 and BCH was $ 150,000 on Coingecko, which was in the lower range of the 32 assets that OKCoin offered.

Before the write-off, BCH went through a period of ups and downs. Earlier this month, a sharp rise in the price of Dogecoins pushed Bitcoin Cash outside the top ten by market cap, but entrepreneur Kim Dotcom backed Bitcoin fork last December with a target price of $ 3,000 per coin. BCH grows 70% a year to $ 714.

By comparison, BSV had a tough year, with trading down 21% to $ 241. The coin received positive news recently, but after Jimmy Nguyen appeared in Fox Business, some speculated that the network had mistakenly hired a BSV attorney when they tried to bring in an expert on the original bitcoin.

Source: CoinTelegraph