Esports organization OG has partnered with DMScript, a blockchain-based gaming technology company.

According to The Esports Observer, OG Esport’s CS: GO team will be selling DMScript products to their fans using the company’s logo apparel while participating in esports tournaments around the world.

The partnership with OG will also enable DMScript to better understand the needs of the sports industry and help DMScript develop new ideas, high-quality solutions and products that improve players’ quality of life.

On the one hand, the partnership will help OG to develop and grow by leveraging the technical solutions offered by DMScript.

Partnership with OG and CRO Xavier Oswald said the partnership with DMScript will not be the last, and they intend to forge more partnerships with tech companies next year.

It is said that OG already has partnerships with SteelSeries and Secretlab and has entered into an agreement with Red Bull to include the Red Bull trademark in the OG logo.

Esports and blockchain have grown closer in recent years as more companies research the benefits the blockchain can bring. These partnerships are different in nature. Crypto eSports Theta streaming platform worked with the South Korean Ludena protocol to reward players for streaming content. There are even esports tournaments that support cryptocurrencies.

Source: CoinTelegraph